More Monsters


This add-on is in its beta stages and its development has just recently started. This add-on will be updated frequently.


NOTE: This add-on does not replace any mobs and/or entities that are already in the game.

This Minecraft add-on adds a variety of new variations of monsters in Minecraft. These new monsters spawn alongside regular Minecraft monsters and differ from their regular Minecraft counterparts in their attacks, health, speed, size, and more. These mobs also contains attributes that you would normally expect such mobs to have in the game. For example, fast zombies will transform into fast drowned when left in water.

The following mobs are currently featured in this add-on:

  1. Big Zombie
  2. Fast Zombie
  3. Big Husk
  4. Fast Husk
  5. Big Drowned
  6. Fast Drowned
  7. Dark-Bomb-Shooting Skeleton
  8. Fast-Shooting Skeleton
  9. Fire-Bomb-Shooting Skeleton
  10. Zombie-Summoning Skeleton
  11. Fast-Shooting Stray
  12. Fast Silverfish
  13. Fire Creeper
  14. Small Enderman
  15. Fast-Shooting Witch
  16. Multi-Shooting Witch
  17. Big Wither Skeleton
  18. Huge Wither Skeleton
  19. Speedy Blaze
  20. Fire-Stream Blaze
  21. Fast-Shooting Ghast
  22. Super-Fast-Shooting Ghast
  23. Fast Multi-Shooting Ghast




Video for mobs added in most-recent update (third update).

Video for second update:

Video for first update:

First-release video:

Image Gallery

dark-bomb skeleton firing at player

dark-bomb skeleton firing at player