Setting C Up

Installing an IDE

I personally think that Visual Studio is the better IDE (integrated development environment) for C, if you are writing programs for Windows (as opposed to Netbeans, since all three versions of Visual Studio provide many more features than Netbeans for C development), but Netbeans is also an excellent IDE and is one of the best IDEs for java development (in fact, Visual Studio doesn't even come with options for Java development. In order to make Visual Studio usable for Java development, a plugin must be installed). An advantage Netbeans has over Visual Studio is that writing programs for Linux is much in Netbeans than in Visual Studio.

Installing Visual Studio Community Edition

Visual Studio has three versions, two of which cost money, but has a free version known as Visual Studio Community Edition (which only open source developers and developers who work alone may use). Beware: It is several gigabytes in size (around 10 Gb for the minimal number of features). Older versions of Visual Studio could only be used to create programs that run on Windows, but this is no longer the case. However, Visual Studio can only be run on Windows as of the moment of this writing, so you must use Visual Studio's remote connection tools to test programs on a seperate Linux computer.

You can download it here: Visual Studio Download

Visual Studio's installer will provide you with a list of features that you can include with Visual Studio. The only feature needed for this tutorial is the option for C/C++ support. Notice: Do not install support for C#. As stated earlier, this is a different programming language and will not be covered in this tutorial.

Installing Netbeans

Netbeans comes in a single version, and that version is free. It doesn't come with its own C compiler, however (but it was made to work with certain C compilers, which are listed on the second link below).

You can download netbeans here: Netbeans Download

You can find information on how to download a C compiler for Netbeans here: Configuring Netbeans for C